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the raceAthlete B-Fit  B-Day Challenge: If not now, when?

B-Part of the B-Fit B-Day Challenge: Click to join.  Watch the video (right) for the scoop on the rA Challenge.

The Rules and the Sponsor Premiums

1)This B-Day B-Fit challenge web site has the ability for you to upload your photos and or/videos. So please take plenty of photos to document your special day so that you can share it with the rest of the team.

2) Please keep in mind to swim the number of yards in the first number(# multiplied by 1000 yards).

3) The Bronze, Silver and Gold challenges are open for you to take during your B-Day week. That means they are open the three days before your birthday, on your birthday, and the three days after your birthday.

You can take the Bronze Challenge on those seven days, or you can pick any three days of those seven to accomplish the Silver (as long as you finish within 72-hours), or any one of those days to go for the Gold (as long as you do all three events in 24-hours (for the Gold.)

This means you can go for Silver on any three days during you B-Day week....just as long you finish all three events in 72-hours.

This also means you can go for Gold on your Birthday, or the three days before, or after your Birthday....just as long as you do it all in 24-hours.


Starting in February and going for the entire year of 2008, we'll be giving away some terrific sponsor premiums to help motivate you to celebrate your Birthday by taking the challenge.

The Details:

At the end of each month we'll give (1) Man, (1) Women and (1) Sherpa who successfully completed the B-Fit B-Day Challenge a choice of (1) the following sponsor premiums:

a) A set of Rudy Project Sun Glasses

b) A Rudy Project Bike Helmet

c) A Rudy Project Time Trial Bike Helmet

d) A 2XU racing Top/Shorts and Number Belt

* All selected athletes will also get a Head Sweats B-Fit B-Day Challenge Running hat

* Athletes will be able to select their premium as long as supplies last

Here's how you get selected:

At the end of each month the B-Fit B-Day Community (that means you) will have the chance to vote for (1) Man, (1) Women and (1) Sherpa who completed the challenge during the previous month to receive the Sponsor Premiums.

To be eligible to receive the Premiums athletes and Sherpas must:

a) Complete the Challenge per B-Fit B-Day rules,

b) Document their Challenge with pictures/video and/or blog entries,

c) Post completion times on the web site,

d) Become members of the B-Fit B-Day community,

e) Only members of the B-fit B-Day community will be able to vote each month.

The small details:

Online voting will take place the first week of each month.

Please note that athletes who are selected to receive the sponsors premiums will be requested to pay about () for shipping/handling costs.

5) Make sure that you time yourself for each event. We will be keeping track of age-group times and records. So each age will have a record time for the challenge. In other words, there will be a 47-year-old record, one for 48 and so on. Keep in mind that you only have one shot at the 47 record :-)

6) There are three possible categories for you can enter.

1) Inside Challenge: This means that all three events are completed indoors.

2) Outside Challenge: This means that all three events are completed outdoors or

3) Open Challenge: This means that you complete some inside and some outside. For instance this means that you swim in a pool, but run and bike outside.

* FYI: For the purpose of this Challenge, a pool swim is considered as being inside (even if the pool is outside) while a lake, ocean or other natural body of water is considered outdoors.

7) You don’t have to time yourself if you don’t want to, but we are requiring it if you want to get the sponsored premiums.

8) Transitions don’t count. You can take as much time as you want in between each event.

You have 24-hours to complete the Gold Challenge. This means that potentially you could do it over 2 days as long as you do it within the 24-hours.

The B-Fit B-Day Runners Challenge.

Run Your B-Day Age:

So a 45-year-old runner would run 45 miles.

Go for Bronze (7days), Silver( 3 days) or Gold (1 day), the choice is yours.

The B-Day Records


GOLD Challenge (Women)

24-Year-Olds Lisa 2 mile swim  time :56, 4 mile run 33:40, 24 mile bike 1:27:40, Total time: 2:57:20

32-Year-Olds: Stronger Swim: 2:13 Bike: 2:06 Run:16:23 Total: 4:35

GOLD Challenge (Men) 

23-Year-Olds: Guo-Liang Chew 2 mile swim: 54:00 23 mile bike: 1:30 3 mile run: 27:17 Total : 2:51

27-Year-Olds: Steve Swim: 2 miles: 1:10:51 Bike: 27 miles: 1:08:45 Run: 7 miles: 46:22 Total: 3:06:58

27-Year-Olds: The Wrench Swim: 00:54:26 2 miles Bike: 01:38:12 27 mi Run: 01:26:207 mi Total: 3:48:58

28-Year-Olds Iron Eric Swim: 2 miles - 59:52 Bike: 28 miles, 1:32:21 Run: 8 miles, 1:01:49 Total Time: 3:34:02

28-Year-Olds Adam Lesser Swim: 2 miles - 1:07:49 Bike: 28 miles - 1:45 Run: 8 miles - 1:05:48 Total: 3:58:37

39-Year-Olds Jack M 3 mile swim: 2:03:53 39 mile bike: 2:17:30 9 mile run: 1:11:54 Total: 5:21

47-Year-Olds TriBoomer 4 mile swim 2:37:23 47 mile bike 2:34:08 7 mile run 1:06:51 Total: 5:77

Gold Challenge (Kids)

Jakey Swim 9 laps:16:47 Bike 9 miles: 39:13 Run 9 laps: 29:21 Total: 1:20:81

SILVER Challenge (Men)

44-Year-Olds: John Maynard Swim 4: 55, Bike 2 :15, Run :35,  Total time -----> 7:45:00

46-Year-Olds Kevin Bambury 4/10/08 Swim 2:38, Run 51:49, Bike 2:54, Total Time 5:43

SILVER Challenge (Women)

29-Year-Olds: Melissa Swim: 41:37 Bike: 1:00 Run: 1:29 Total: 3:10:37

Julie 35-Year-Olds Swim: 2:18:59 Run: 1:00:00 Bike: 1:38:00 Total: 4:56:59

46-Year-Olds Beverly 4 Mile Swim 2:42:02 46 Mile Bike 2:14:07 6 Mile Run 55:13 Total 5:11:22

50-Year-Olds Rambonie 5 mile Swim 4:00, 10 mile run 1:42, 50 mile bike. 3:10 Total 8:52

55-Year-Olds Pat -- April 11th 2008 -- Swim - 2:51:59 (5 miles); bike - 4:35:00 (55 miles); run - 58:53 (5 miles) Total: 7:44

Bronze Challenge (Women)

31-Year-Olds Lauren Starks  Swim: 2 :15, Bike: 1: 58, Run: 9:22 Total: 4:24:09

37-Year-Olds JavaMom Swim: 2:00:10 Run: 1:24:51 Bike: 2:24:22 Total: 5:49:23