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You asked for it so we built it. We're very happy to invite you to visit the team raceAthlete forum.

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- The forum is exclusive to raceAthlete teammates
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The team's forum is now part of the raceAthlete B-Fit B-Day endurance network site.

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As you know we're trying to build a caring community of like-minded raceAthletes. To us this means that we want to support all of your training, race and personal goals.

Do you have a dream to jump-start into a new healthy active lifestyle through a running club, group ride, or swim class? Maybe you'd like to participate in your first 5K, charity bike ride, or sprint triathlon; or cross that finish line in a marathon or an Ironman!

If you have a endurance sports dream, we want this forum be the place that you can share it! We want this forum to be the place that you can live it!

This forum is our team's turf. It is open to raceAthlete teammates..and we're all about helping you be the best that you can be.

If you have a terrific race or race report, please post it to the race section. We'll be using the best post on with a prominent link back to your web site or blog.

Finally, just a quick note that on our team's turf we have ZERO tolerance for bullies. The team's forum is not the place to take potshots at others. We can recommend plenty of other "public" forums.